your NFT

On August 16th, 2021, I, Yua Mikami, the glamour actress turned 28 years old.
I've been challenging myself with the way to think outside the box, and my current goal is to make my next career successful as a glamour actress.

My next goal is “Challenge to the world.”
However, due to the coronavirus that struck the world at that time, I was not able to take on the challenge in 2020 as I had thought.

Then now, 'your NFT' is started.

The start time of the auction has been changed to 19:00(JST).


"your NFT" is a project to collaborate with the world's top creators
and present world-class quality works in order to make,
not only Japanese but also fans all over the world fall in love with "Yua Mikami"
through a new form of work called "NFT" which is now attracting attention worldwide.


Yua Mikami, one of Japan's leading glamor actresses.
She doesn't fit into the usual "pornographic actress” and has been challenging herself in various ways.
The followers of her SNS are over 8 million in total now, she made it by her actively postings which was an advanced way of approach back then.
"She is a member of two idol groups, ‘Ebisu Muscats’ and ‘Honey Popcorn’. Lately, she has been expanding her own fashion brand, "miyour's.


The theme of the first event is "Birth".

In the year 2020, she was not able to take on the challenges she wanted to, such as the cancellation of events due to the COVID-19.
Then, on August 16, 2021, Yua Mikami turned 28 years old.
It was the day she renewed her determination that never gives up her "challenge to the world" even under such circumstances.

The annual "Birthday Fan Event" could not be held this year. Instead of that, she spent a whole day shooting 28 photos as the first day of coming 28 years which are the only one of its kind in the world.


Two Japanese top creators
worked on this project.


Gugi Akiyama

Born in Akihabara in 1966. After graduating from Nihon University College of Art, he joined I&S (now I&S/BBDO) and established Daily Fresh in 1999. Major works include the project of TOYOTA's "Let's make it better.”, design of the new national emblem for the Japan Fencing Association, the CD jacket for AKB48's "Heavy Rotation”, and so on. Since 2016, he has been active as a gourmet celebrity on the "Tabelog" website, also produced the logo design for "Bunshun Marche” as well.


Yasunari Kikuma

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. He moved to France in 2002 and learned photography by himself, had been active as a photographer based in Japan and Europe. He moved to the U.S. in 2014, and back to Japan in 2016 to start his management business at symphonic. He is currently active in the field of advertising photography and commercials.


A total of 28 works (7 scenes x 4 types) will be sold on an auction basis.

It will be auctioned at Rarible.

* Initially, it was planned to be exhibited at OpenSea and Rarible, but it has been changed to exhibit all 28 works at Rarible.


Auction Date
2021/10/1 19:00 - 2021/10/8 22:00
※The start time of the auction has been changed.
※Due to marketplace specifications, if bids are received between 10 minutes before the end of the auction and the end of the auction, the end time will be extended by 10 minutes from the bid. If a new bid is placed during the 10-minute extension, the end time will be extended for another 10 minutes.
Number of works
28 in total (each to be auctioned separately)
Auction Format
English Auction
Detailed Description
・1 NFT work
・1 autograph paper signed by Yuua Mikami
・1 item that she wore
・A dinner date with Yua Mikami (only for the highest bidder)



Privilege for "all successful bidders" (for all successful bidders)

An autograph paper signed by Yuua Mikami, and an item she actually wore during the shooting.

*The items are different depends on each work.


"Highest bidder" privilege (limited to one bidder)

Special dinner date with Yua Mikami" on the last day of her 28th year (2022/08/15).

The right is only for the "limited one" of the highest bidder.
The winner will have a special time with her at a restaurant in Tokyo.

※We will contact to the successful bidder directly about the details once the result is confirmed.
※If you are an overseas resident, we may need to consult with you about the implementation method.
※The schedule of the date and location we organize will be let know later.
※Staff members will be present on the day of the event.


NFT is "digital data with a certificate of authenticity and ownership that cannot be forged.
Same as cryptographic assets (virtual currencies), NFTs are issued and traded on a blockchain.
Digital data on the blockchain is difficult to copy or tamper with, making it possible to add asset value to digital data.


・Due to the feature of the product, no returns, exchanges, or cancellations will be accepted.
・Purchasing of NFTs does not transfer any copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights to the purchaser.
・The NFTs may not be used for commercial purposes.
・The seller shall not be responsible for any problems between users in the secondary distribution of the NFTs.


"Yua Mikami Online Fan Meeting”

Last day of the auction: 10/8(Fri) 21:00 on ABEMA PPV

October 8, the last day of the NFT auction
An hour of show that watching the auction process with the fans!
Live streaming from behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the film to the actual auction!